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Online internet advertising: Ever since the internet has existed in the commercial sector, companies have used it for successful internet advertising. It is necessary to place advertisements beyond one's own website, since there are also certain nodes on various topics on the Internet. It is very helpful to be represented with advertising on these nodes in order to be able to market your company better. Well-made advertising banners in various formats and a good advertising message via our email service can be successfully placed on the Internet with the help of competent media planning via the TR-Alanya.Com advertising agency. Online advertising is more measurable, more direct and more relevant than classic advertising communication. Sales achieved through online advertising can be traced back very precisely to the advertising measures set.

There are different types of cost calculations for internet advertising and our email service. With online advertising, however, the costs can be controlled more quickly and better than with classic advertising, since online advertising is more scalable.

Internet Marketing: Search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo are the gateway to the Internet for most people. However, the days of meta tags, link networks and hidden text are partly gone, as search engines are becoming more intelligent and not only assessing the content of web pages alone. Connections and links between individual websites contribute to the ranking of a company presentation on the Internet. Successful internet marketing (search engine marketing) requires a combination of well-chosen key words (keywords), ad copy and target pages (landing pages). Furthermore, the user behavior decides between a placement only on the first page, or even the first position. If you fail to optimize a website in terms of user behavior, you will unfortunately have to take a back seat in the long run.

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Advertising banners are graphics or animated files for successful online advertising. Banners are included on websites (web portals) or in newsletters and refer to a target page with a link in order to bring the Internet user there as soon as they click on the advertising banner. Advertising banners are part of the classic online internet advertising. Other forms of online advertising such as videos also compete with classic advertising banners. However, since advertising banners are generally not large in terms of surface area, static graphics offer very few opportunities to convey an advertising message. We at TR-Alanya.Com Webdesign design and produce your advertising banners at extremely favorable conditions.

Email Advertising and Marketing: Email marketing is an extremely cost-effective online advertising tool. Email advertising can be used to convert people with no real interest in buying into interested parties and potential customers and to encourage individual buyers to make regular purchases. You reach your target group via the most popular means of communication in the business world. E-mail marketing is the most used form of advertising and marketing technology on the Internet. You have no print costs and no postage costs. Traditional postal advertising costs between €1.00 and €8.00 and involves correspondingly long production times. With e-mail advertising as an advertising medium, the costs per recipient are reduced to a few euro cents, and implementation is possible in just a few hours.

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We from the TR-Alanya.Com advertising agency realize all your advertising projects in close cooperation with you. We are specialized in all forms of advertising and projects can be realized by us in a short time. Simply request a non-binding offer from us.

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