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Keyword Density Analysis & Keywords (keywords) help you to create good and relevant content for your website based on a web analysis. This can be achieved by extensive keyword research on the Internet. You search for frequently searched and used terms, combinations of words and trends on the Internet. With the help of keyword analysis tools, which use various statistics from Google, you can find the optimal search terms for your own website and achieve optimal search engine optimization. Keyword tools are therefore very suitable for Google keyword analysis. Most businesses fail because of not finding the right search terms. With keyword tools, you can tailor your topics and content to search queries from customers on the Internet. There is no point in optimizing for certain phrases that are rarely used in Google searches. Most searches on the Internet are based on four or more words.

Most companies and website operators fail because they cannot find the right terms. With keyword tools, you can tailor your topics and content to search queries from customers on the Internet. There is no point in optimizing for certain phrases that are rarely used in Google searches. Most of all searches on the internet are done with four or more words.

Linkbuilding Backlinks  Link building and link optimization is a somewhat tricky matter for SEO search engine optimization, but it is still necessary to achieve significant rankings in the various search engines. We pay attention to the appropriate content of your website, the highest quality and of course exclusivity. You simply must not underestimate how important external search engine optimization and backlinks to your website are for the success of your website. Link building from SEO agency is based on more than 15 years of experience in this field. We create high-quality links and enter them in the major web catalogues.

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Important NOTE: In order for you to get to the top of the Google search results with your search terms, your competitors must also be analyzed. This enables us to better understand the plans of your competitors and thus place your homepage better in the search results. On Page Search Engine Optimization: Optimization for search engines such as Google or Bing only works if you use keywords that bring the necessary traffic. As soon as the analysis of your competitors has been completed and the keyword research has been successfully carried out, we can use and optimize certain keywords and phrases optimally for your company. The advantage of on page optimization is that most competitors do not use it, giving you a huge advantage over the competition.

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Domain Authority entry in web directories: A web directory (authority website) is a web directory in which website operators can enter their domain in a so-called business directory. From this web directory, a link is set to the relevant company, in this case your homepage, which can usually be classified as trustworthy and partially increases the value of the website in the SEO ranking. The more links there are from relevant web directories and the higher the Google value of your domain and the more important this link becomes.

Meta-Description: A meta description does not necessarily improve the ranking of your website, but you should definitely use the meta description before publishing your domain, as this significantly increases your chances of being found on the Internet and ensures SEO optimization.

It has been proven that search engine visitors click on these links more often. The meta description should be no more than 156 words and provide brief and concise information about the company. The meta description and the title of your website are the first points of contact of your domain with a searcher on the Internet. Here you should give some thought to persuading the person searching on the Internet to click.

Off Page Optimization
This type of optimization is not carried out directly on your website, but as previously mentioned in connection with link building and the associated backlinks. The more backlinks you get, the more a search engine trusts you. However, this is not always the case, because it depends on the quality (domain authority) of these links.

Optimization of social media, Google Places and Bing Business:Don't underestimate how important external search engine optimization can be for the success of your website. Companies should differentiate and stand out from the competition. We achieve this with a Google and Bing Places search engine entry. This listing will quickly propel your business up to the top of page one or two in local search results. Social media optimization is of great importance for ranking and search engine optimization. Social media is used to build backlinks for potential customers. We have been specialists in this field for years and would be happy to support you in this matter over a longer period of time.

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We offer you social media support without complicated agency commitments and billing based on time spent. We look after the platform of your choice, such as Facebook or Twitter. Daha fazla bilgi edin...

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