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Social media (viral marketing: In order to increase the level of awareness of your company, we use social channels such as Facebook, Google or Twitter. Of course, we support you in terms of advice and support for your social media campaigns. To the so-called To use social media channels optimally, you need more than just a Twitter or Google+ page. The campaigns are aimed at the needs and regional whereabouts of your target groups. We at the advertising agency will help you to do the right thing. Goal of our Campaigns is first of all to define the target group and to find out how you can win over this target group.We create an analysis and revise your Facebook page, your Twitter account or your Google+ profile.

Together with you, we will develop a strategy that will help you to define the exact goals of your advertising campaigns. Furthermore, we create a schedule in which we set the necessary activities. The posts should be aligned in such a way that you also receive a positive rating from customers and readers of your posts.

Social media support:  Social media has now become an economic factor that is indispensable. More and more people are spending their time on social media. So it is important for companies to be present on Twitter and other channels. We know from experience that it is better not just to rely on one platform like Facebook, but to use multiple marketing channels. Your own website is then to be linked to the social media platforms and of course remains the center of attention. A professional Facebook page for your company costs between €100 and €150 with us. For the support of the social media campaigns and activities, we charge flat rates that are determined together with you.

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Unsere Social Mediabetreuung:

  • Creation of professional social media pages (product pages, company pages or fan pages)
  • Platform of your choice such as Facebook or Google+
  • Contribution optimization using a link or keyword
  • Delayed posting is possible with us
  • Graphic design and image optimization
Hardly anyone has heard or read anything about Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube. The most suitable target groups for effective online marketing can be found on these social media channels. This is also where direct communication between companies and customers takes place. So what are you waiting for and request a non-binding offer today.
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Don't worry, we have you covered on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
and create your social media website.

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A blog increases the reach of a company and its website. Blogging also contributes significantly to ranking on Google or Bing. However, most businesses don't have the time to blog. This is where we come into play, because we provide your company with the best content for your advertising blog. With your own blog, you provide your customers and your target groups with interesting topics about the corresponding products or services. A good blog also increases the ranking in search engines, if it should be linked accordingly. You will also get recognition from your customers. A good blog strengthens the connection to your company. However, a good blog should be provided with good content.

IIn contrast to the blog, the company page is a static information platform that provides the customer with information about products, opening times, the address and the company history.

Blog content and blog texts
When blogging, a wide variety of topics can be presented, such as recommendations, current news within the industry, field reports, analyses, opinions and much more. In addition to selling products, blog texts should also advise the reader and inform them about the corresponding products.

RSS feed support a service of the advertising agencyAnyone looking for specific content and topics on the Internet has to contend with a huge flood of information. With a so-called RSS feed, you can retain customers and increase your ranking in search engines. If a customer is looking for a convenient solution to be informed about offers and news from your company, then you should do this via RSS feed. RSS is a special format for exchanging messages. It was created to spread news from internet portals and has since developed into a widespread standard for the automated exchange of news.

Customer advice and support

Your offer to the customer should therefore be very diverse by setting up different channels to provide the customer with data and news and also to be found better in search engines.

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