400g of tagliatelle / 250 grams of salmon / 125 g spinach leaves
50 g arugula / 50 grams of leeks / 125 ml cream / 125g mascarpone
100 ml dry white wine / 15 ml lemon juice / Extra virgin olive oil
salt to taste / Black pepper to taste


Bring to a boil a sizable saucepan of salted water. Cut the leek into rough rings after peeling. Shake dry the spinach and rocket leaves after washing. Salmon should be cleaned, dried, and chopped coarsely. In the meantime, sear the salmon in hot olive oil in a big pan. Then take out and place aside. Tagliatelle should now be cooked until al dente in the boiling water. After that, add the new spinach leaves to the pan and quickly sweat them over medium heat. Add the leek and quickly sauté. After that, deglaze with the wine and let it somewhat decrease. Cream, lemon juice, and mascarpone are added and simmered for roughly 8 minutes at a low temperature. Salt and pepper the fried fish cubes before adding them. Drain and drain the noodles once they are finished. Then immediately add it to the pan, properly combine everything, and let it stand for a moment. Lastly, arrange on deep plates, top with a few rocket leaves, and then serve hot!

Happy eating!